Our company was founded in 2001 with the aim of manufacturing transformers Larissa bazaar wholesalers. But since 1990, existing staff experienced in providing services to the sector has become afficient and productive. Numerous types and characteristics, as well as the production of transformers in the production of servo-controlled voltage regulators to address the manufacturing of very large masses between the ratings. Each day the number of customers, as well as hopping succeeded in raising production quality and capacity of the upper levels. Day after day, flying insect traps of new products. Money control devices and the service began to ofter customers the production of battery charges, These productions each passing day, our esteemed customers to offer better service and better quality products to fulfill the desire to have a single goal.

Since 2005, the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, ce certificate and abtained the necessary documents for export purposes, as well as some owerseas AR & GE laboratory has established it own. First held in 2007 in exports. Anyone can manufacture. A product can produce and sell manufactured products in a short period of time, albeit short-term earnings could reach the purpose. However, the quality of a manufacturer’s goods to rely on all the time. Able to give uninterrupted service to any problems, but then it is a good manufacturer and vendor. We are always to be a producer instead of an ordinary, good to stay as a producer and wish to be able to respond instantly to requests of our customers.